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I am still trying to figure out what my role is here at Elect Exiles. As many of you know, for the last year and a half I have been writing at Christ and Pop Culture. More recently I have taken on a larger role there as an editor. On a personal note, I think CaPC has benefited my writing tremendously due to being surrounded by an active community of writers and taking on the added challenge of editing. I grew weary of the random nature of my posts here at Elect Exiles and needed a more challenging and creative platform on which to write. CaPC has proved a fertile ground for such endeavors. Even more recently, I have begun writing a monthly column on Christianity, culture, and videogames for Relevant Magazine. This project has been incredibly rewarding as I believe the world of videogames is a pretty massive field that Christians are failing to adequately discuss, criticize, and interact with. These writing and editing endeavors along with being a husband, pastor, and soccer coach, have left me with little to no time to spend here at Elect Exiles.

At one point Elect Exiles was a fairly well read blog–at least in the sense that we had a number of subscribers, a regular rotation of weekly posts, active contributors, significant weekly hits, and the occasional article that blew up and spawned a lively discussion. However, life got busy for our other writers and eventually I was more or less the only active writer with Kevin Schaub posting the ocassional article.

So where does that leave Elect Exiles now? I have often thought about starting an entirely new blog where I write mostly personal things about life, marriage, family, ministry in the local church, and the like–things that don’t require extensive research and/or multiple drafts. However, most blogs die almost overnight it seems and I don’t see the point in starting something new when I have a blog I could resuscitate. Maybe I should let go of EE–it at least had a handful of productive years. And yet I haven’t been able to shut EE down, I feel like I still have something to say here.

For now my intention is to at least post a couple articles a week here. They will likely be personal rather than professional and reflective rather than academic. I know I have made commitments to this blog many times that I have failed to keep, so I am not making any promises but I do want a place to share what is going on in my life, my family, my church, and occasionally expound on my writing endeavors. Google+ may prove to be a better place for such endeavors but for now neither Facebook nor Twitter is sufficient for what I want to do, so I am going to try to pick EE back up.

So that is the tentative plan. Maybe Kevin Schaub will join in too and share his experiences–it was his blog in the beginning. Who knows maybe Tyler Whitman will resurrect his presence here as well–I can only hope so because blogging with Kevin and Tyler was a tremendous privilege. With that said, sometime this week–hopefully tomorrow, I plan to post a reflective piece on the birth of my daughter, Evelyn Jane Dixon, who was born last week and is precious!

I hope what I write here profits you but if not just remember the internet is a really big place ;)


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If there is anyone still reading this blog, you might want to know that I am now a regular contributing blogger at Christ and Pop Culture.  I WILL try to keep blogging here, I know I have been pretty sporadic and if you are still reading my stuff here–thank you!

Christ and Pop Culture is a very unique blog and I am looking forward to contributing over there.  They are one of the few sites that engages pop culture from a thoroughly biblical standpoint.  They are careful with but not fearful of pop culture and I find that encouraging.  You can find book, movie, television, and even video game reviews there alongside political and cultural commentary.  In addition, at CAPC, there is a cool section called “Of the Moment” where contributors post links to various things they have been reading–so I will be posting various things I come across pretty regularly.  Definitely check it out.

I will likely write an article there once a week or so, which will give me time to keep posting a few times a week here (I know I haven’t done that lately, but it is within the realm of possibility).  I tend to write ridiculously long posts–I plan to work on that so that I can actually keep this blog going.  In fact, I think that is why my blogging dropped off, because when you try to write big, expansive, far-reaching posts like I tend to, it can become a little overwhelming to keep that up regularly. So I am going to try to start writing shorter posts, hopefully that will make this blog more accessible.

I do have some plans to write some new posts on divorce and remarriage that will be pretty thorough–I have recently rethought my position on that issue and my old posts are still on the blog and frankly need correcting.  I have rambled on enough.  Here are some links to what I have written so far at CAPC:

My latest article is a review of Denzel Washington’s post-apocalyptic Bible-protecting action movie, Book of Eli.

I also wrote an article on the Sabbath and pop culture.

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